Queer Biz.

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If queer fashion is political, then SYRO is an armory. From kitten heels to thigh-high boots, SYRO aims to make feminine footwear accessible for all. Over the course of two years in business, two styles in particular have gained a passionate following: the George boot and the Golfo platform heel.

Celebrating the month of Pride, SYRO collaborated with models Cory Walkers and Andersson Lopez and photographer Hao Nguyen to pay homage to these two styles and elaborate on their narrative.

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The George boot was always intended to be wearable: to be displayed on the daily, to complement any mood. Subtle and elegant in its gender-nonconforming nature—almost like a secret for the wearer. 

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On the other end of the spectrum is Golfo: gender terrorism. With a six-inch heel, silver hardware and a black patent exterior, this attention-grabbing boot is built to empower the wearer and exude confidence with every bulky step. 

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Queer people understand the importance and value of the narratives presented by both George and Golfo. On one hand, there is a history of keeping to one’s self—of passing through society with your head down, without harm, without violence. Society is not always accepting; and while queerness is never absent, it is often subdued.

On the other hand, there’s everything else: anger, joy, expression, punk, play, a desire to scream, a need to unleash, a celebrating of oneself. 

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