I Like Revenge



1 a knife with a razor-sharp point designed to thrust & stab

2 a feminine shoe with a thin, high tapering heel

3 an extremely cunt shoulder bag by SYRO

I Like Revenge

Introducing the first-ever signature bag by SYRO. The STILETTO shoulder bag was developed alongside trusted footwear technicians using shoe machinery to develop this unique design. Inspired by the dueling beauty and violence that coexists within the queer community, each size 43 STILETTO shoulder bag boasts a sleek pointed-toe, an aggressive 115mm heel cast in solid metal.

Photographed by Oscar Ouk and filmed by MTHR TRSA in New York City, Naomi Smalls debuts the STILETTO shoulder bag alongside Lenin Becantur.

Photographed by Oscar Ouk

Models: Naomi Smalls and Lenin Betancur

Hair by Sean Bennett

Body Makeup by Laurel Charleston and Linnea Sumner

Nails by Viviane Lee Hsu

Styling Assist by SNIX, Francisco Loza

Photo Assist by Vincent Doria and Bo Ahn


Musical Scoring by GET FACE