SYRO was created in 2016 as a call to challenge societal norms with fashion & attitude.

SYRO is on a mission to inspire queer expression as political action one outfit at a time.

SYRO—pronounced SEE-RO—finds its roots in the Ancient Greek word anasyromenos (ανασυρόµενος) an artistic motif that portrays figurines of femme goddesses lifting their skirts to reveal a phallus. The exposed genitalia was believed to grant good luck and ward off evil. (P.S. Flip over your SYRO heels for our tribute.)

Headquartered in NYC, SYRO has deployed weapons of mass feminization around the world since 2016. At the heart of our work is a celebration of inclusive femininity and a rejection of traditional masculinity. SYRO designs are inspired by the true-to-life experiences of queer communities all around the world, and we’re proud to continue the legacies of our fearless ancestors and elders who blazed the trail.

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